Transport Form

Transport Form

Download Transport Form Below

Brian Bernard

5 Clover Court Salem, NH 03079

A Security Deposit is Required

Security Deposit $250 Make Checks Payable to: Bernard’s Transportation


  • All Bikes need Two sets of Keys (One to be left with Brian, One for Customer)
  • Copy of Registration
  • Photo I.D. for drop off and Pick up
  • Bill Of Lading (Transport Document)
  • Additional $350 charge for Custom Bikes with 22″ or larger Front Wheel, Extended Front End, Extened Rear Swing Arms, Extended Bags or Custom Paint
  • Not responsible for Accessories left on bike during transport (Camera’s, GPS’s, Cup holders  or Iphone Holders etc.)
  • PLEASE REMOVE before drop off date.
  • NO Guns, Ammo, Knives, Alcohol or Drugs of any kind to be transported on bike.

Download Bill of Lading

Transportation Form (All Deposits are Non-Refundable)